Mrs H Roby at the Council Office

George Kearsley & Bill Taylor

Charles Green aged 15.

Billy Pennington

Katherine, Molly & Harry Hill, Ken Foster

Our Nell's Jack

Billy Middlehurst Leo Roughley Jimmy Mitchell

Harold Renwick & Eric Ketchell

Susan Ellen, James, Tom & Bill Lowe

Harold Renwick

Harold Hardman holding Stuart Liptrot Wembly 1958

Joe Shaw Jack Ratcliffe TomBerry Andy Carney

Harold, Gill & Percy Anderton with Stan Williams (center) & Ted Duncan (right)

Ron Hewson Len Mousdell Ernie Middlehurst Stan Littler

Tony Hilton Franklin Sumner Norman Lomax - Wembly 1961

John Thomas & Annie Gee's wedding.

Ethel Mason & Mary Crank

Gill Hill Jack Lawson Ted Grundy Jim Mason.

Dennis Berry Mary Elizabeth Berry Albert Gee

Emma Griffin right

John Mather c 1962

Mrs Rigby Mrs Bennett & Miss Gardner, teachers at St Marys

Connie Gee May ? Alice Boardman

Elsie, Mary, Bessie & Edna Ratcliffe

Joe Gaskell, Alice nee Boardman inset

John Bacon, Annie Frayne Bertha Richmond

Methodist trip to Mowcop 1939

Methodist trip

Parr Family c 1092

Marion Gormley nee Littler, Philip Gormley, George Burgess, Joe Taylor, Jennifer Briscoe, Stepahne Gormely


Outside the Labour Club


Peggy Melling with sisters

Margaret Alice (nee Ashall) John, Kitty, Charles & Bill Chorlton

Chorlton Brothers 1952

Jack Roby and Hilda nee Darbishire Richard Roby (right) was killed at the 1946 Bolton Football Disaster